The Breakers Mansion

We went to Breakers Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island and took a tour of the house. It is a Vanderbilt mansion located on the Atlantic Ocean.


Playing in the huge backyard!!



 The bedrooms had pretty wallpaper and pictures of them. The servants lived on the fourth floor. We did the family tour ( number 1). The headsets had an audio device attached to it.


Family tour headsets!!


After we did the tour we ate lots of food at Newport Creamery. I got the Make Your Own Sundae for dessert. We had a blast!!

Eating ice cream at Newport Creamery!!



Author: CommuniKate

I would love to share tons of fun things with you. This blog is to share all my experiences. I homeschool, and I have a crazy schedule. I will try to post as much as possible. I am a YouTuber. I am 10, my favorite animal is a snake, and my favorite color is blue. If you want me to do a certain post, please comment that, Thank you for dropping by, CommuniKate! Please email me at

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