Fun Facts for Kids About the Redwoods

Have you ever wondered about those huge old trees, the Redwoods?


  1. Some of the Redwoods started growing right before Jesus was born.
  2. The oldest-known Redwood is about 2,200 years-old. There also are some older ones, but we don’t know their ages.
  3. The redwoods by Santa Cruz can grow up to about 300 ft. or more.
  4. Most redwoods you see are about 50 – 150 years old.
  5. The California Coastal Redwoods grow from Big Sur to south Oregon.
  6. The Latin or scientific name for California Coastal Redwood is sequoia sempervirens. 
  7. Scientist show that Redwoods catch more carbon dioxide (CO2) than any other tree.
  8. Without the Redwoods, some animals would be endangered or even extinct.
  9. Redwoods can be used as great building wood because its bark can be 1 foot thick.




This is an albino Redwood.


Redwoods are beautiful trees. We should help Redwoods grow and learn more about them.


To see my Thanksgiving post where I saw the Redwoods, click the link below.

Thanksgiving Trip up the Coast of California: Day 3

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Too so my post on day 3 of Thanksgiving trip with the redwoods click the link below:

Thanksgiving Trip up the Coast of California: Day 3

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