About Me and My Blog

Hi! My name is Kate. I live in California. I’m a youtuber, and a homeschooler. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite holiday is Christmas.

I love homeschooling!  There is so much to do! 

My favorite animal is a snake.

I love to homeschool. I have so many friends. I will be posting about my adventures as much as I can. Feel free to comment follow and like. I love to have feed back to improve my blog. I love to play video games be in nature. Also, I like to play with my younger sister.

I will try to post as much as possible but I do have a crazy schedule. Here’s mine:

Monday: I have nothing. My only day off.

Tuesday: Sailing.

Wednesday: Co-op My classes are Fun with Polymer Clay, NaNoWriMo, then we have lunch, DIY, any finally Imagine an Play.

Thursday: I have nature school and sailing.

Friday: Flute lessons, and another The Homeschool Campus.

Enjoy my blog!