My Homeschool Co-op

I love the co-op that we do for homeschool!!

Every Wednesday, we go to a church to do co-op. The parents volunteer to teach the classes, and we get to be in them!! Several classes are offered at each period.

At the first period, I have Fun With Clay Polymer. Every week we make a farm animal. Our teacher bakes it and gives it to us the next week.

polymer clay k and 3
We’re making frogs!!

The second period I have NaNoWriMo. Mom teaches that class. In November we are going to write our own novels!!

After the two classes, we have lunch. Once we are done eating, everyone plays Infection, which is like tag. Some people, including me, have walkie-talkies for Infection.

My next class after lunch, third period, is DIY. We make lots of projects. For example, salt dough, which is play doh. Also, we made bracelets.

My last class is Imagine and Play, also taught by Mom. Every week we get different supplies such as boxes, ropes, PVC pipes, tape, and more. With those, we can make whatever we want.

Co-op is super fun, and I wish it was every day!!

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The Sailing Adventure

At sailing, we adventured on a big keelboat because the winds were too strong for the little boats. There were two floors. The first floor is where you walk in. It is the deck. The bottom floor has 2 sofas, 2 beds, 1 seat, and storage compartments. When we were in the ocean, our boat started rocking like crazy! It was very fun like a roller coaster. Some kids didn’t like it. One of them even started to cry!

About 5 minutes after we turned around, we got stuck in mud! The place with mud should have been marked, but it wasn’t. A worker from the Newport Seabase came to try to get us out, but that did not work.

We had to call the Coast Guard so all the kids could get off. The reason was because we needed the boat to be lighter. Luckily, they got us out and “We lived happily ever after”.

Angels and Ducks

Angels and Ducks?

My dad took us to Anaheim Ducks and Angels night at the Honda Center. First, we got the free Ducks T-shirts. Once we had gotten into the gate, we ordered churros and hot cocoa. Inline image 1The Honda Center, where the Ducks play,  has 200,000 square feet of marble. After we had eaten our food, we went excitedly to our seats. The Anaheim Ducks and  Edmonton Oilers came out to practice on the rink. We watched them. Then, a lady came out and sang our national anthem and the Canadian one.

Inline image 1

Finally, the game started. It was awesome. After a while, we went to get a snack. I got a hotdog, apple juice, and animal crackers.

Inline image 1

Sadly, the Oilers won 4 to 0, but I am very glad that we went.

Inline image 1


The Nixon Library

The Nixon Library is super fun! Everybody got to go in for free because it was President Nixon’s 104th birthday. First, we went to the wreath ceremony. A band played and people from the military came to speak. east-room-mom-and-kids-nixon

Next, we watched a movie on the president. It was about the hardships he had and many other aspects of his life. Next, we went to see his influence with China.


He went to China and made a deal with them. The were many photos of him walking on The Great Wall of China.


Next, we watched a movie on some important things he did including:

  • Created the EPA
  • Title IX which helped fund girls’ sports
  •  Cancer research

President Nixon took the first call from the moon ever!!!

Also, he was president during lots of the Apollo missions with astronauts and took the first call from the moon ever!

Say hello to the astronauts!

After that, we went to see Nixon’s childhood house and a military helicopter.

The Nixon Library was very fun!




My 9th Birthday Party

I had super fun at my 9th birthday party on the beach. While we were waiting for the guests to arrive, my brother, sister, dad and I played frisbees and football. After about 35 minutes, people started to arrive.


The streak in the water is Catalina island.


Once almost everyone had arrived, we started to open presents.

I received 2 Nerf guns, an art kit, and 3 coloring books, a dress, and a shirt, a million cards, an ant farm, a flower design kit, $50, and lip balm. After we opened the presents, we ate cupcakes. There were 24 vanilla cupcakes with blue frosting, 24 chocolate cupcakes with green frosting and 6 red velvet cupcakes with white frosting.


I am reading one of my birthday cards.


A little while after the cupcakes, we went down to the beach. All of us ran deep into the water and kept on falling over.

My knee got hit by a rock. So, I went back up to the lawn to eat some cupcakes and chips. After a while, everybody came up so we played some more. We finished up the food, and some of the families started to go.

We had a great time, and I will probably have my birthday party there next year.



Survival Field Trip

We arrived in Silverado Canyon for a survival field trip which included building a shelter.


In front of our shelter.


We learned about what we could eat if we were lost. Also, we saw a swarm of bees moving their home and protecting the queen bee.


We walked a little bit on the pavement and followed a narrow path to a clearing.

At the clearing, we collected big sticks to make a shelter. It was very hard. First, we had to take the biggest stick and tie it to smaller sticks. Then, we put branches as walls and piled them up till there were no more cracks. After that, we put on leaves to fill in the holes. All of us went into the shelter, but the oak leaves hurt.


We had a great day and did not encounter any rattlesnakes. Thank you for stopping by CommuniKate!!

FAQ: California Screamin’

Welcome to my FAQ of my favorite ride in Disney’s theme parks, California Screamin’.

Is it scary?

No, certainly not. It is the best ride ever. Some people do get scared on it, though.


Image result for california screamin public domain
If you are scared you will look like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is the best part?

The loop. You can see California Adventure upside down.


Image result for california screamin public domain
This is the old California Screamin loop. Now the loop is a sun.


What is the scariest part?

The 108 ft. drop.


Image result for california screamin public domain
The big hill is the 108 ft. drop.


If I was afraid of heights, would I like it?

No, this coaster’s highest point is 108 ft.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you learned about California Screamin’.


Image result for california screamin public domain
Thanks for reading!!