Wags and Wiggles

Wags and Wiggles is a doggy daycare and a place where they train dogs and have them play together. We went there on a fun field trip. First, we met some cute dogs. After that, we went to learn about them.

Child Creativity Lab may 17 004

  1. Always before you pet a dog, ask your parent/guardian and the owner to pet it. Put your hand in a fist and let the dog sniff it. If it backs away, then don’t pet it.
  2. If a dog has its tail up, you can see the whites of its eyes, its mouth is closed, or if it barks, then do not pet it.
  3. If it wags its tail, and/or smiles, then you can pet it.

Child Creativity Lab may 17 016

After we learned those rules, we made the dogs do tricks.

kate giving treat

We could pick from Santana (the one I picked), Reverend or Simone. I chose Santana and made him go right. We used a clicker and gave them treats. Everybody had a blast, and I hope we go there again!!!!!!

Bye, Kate!!!

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Gemological Institute of America Field Trip

For one of our field trips, we visited the GIA in Carlsbad. It is a place with lots of valuable gems and other rocks. They also have a $78 MILLION diamond there. Plus, it is a school.

kate won drawing2

We went into the classroom and sat at a long table. Our teacher told us what our birthstone was. She also told us about rocks and minerals. We wrote the things she told us in our workbook. Also, we shined a light on different rocks to see effects. Furthermore, we looked at gems through a microscope!

BUT WAIT FOR THIS!! Drum roll, please. I WON THE RAFFLE!!! I chose a citrine because it is my birthstone. Plus, everybody including me got a free blue topaz.

april diamondAfter that, we saw jewelry with our birthstones. Also, we saw the world largest pendant, and we got to touch crystals. The field trip was cool!!!


Have you ever visited a chocolate factory? For one of our field trips, we went to ChocXO in Irvine. They have some of the finest beans in the world from Latin America.

First, we learned about the fruit and got to eat some of it. It tasted weird but sweet. If other fruits trees, like bananas or mangoes, grew by it, the chocolate would get that taste.

Next, we learned about fermenting. They let the fruit sit for a certain amount of time.


Right after fermenting, they dry the fruit.

dry big sign

Next, they roast and grind the chocolate.


We got to taste it ground, but it did not taste the best. After grinding was refine. They put the sugar in there. Next was conch. They mixed up the butter and chocolate. Finally, we got to taste 5 different types of chocolate. The field trip was super fun…….. and yummy.



SubZero Ice Cream and Yogurt

At SubZero Ice Cream in Laguna Niguel, we had a field trip about chemistry. They make the ice cream with nitrogen. Nitrogen is 321 degrees below 0!

Before class began, we ordered our ice cream. There were 12 cotton candy, 11 chocolate, and 7 vanilla.

Next, we put nitrogen in a water bottle, and it exploded.

Then, we put a flower in the nitrogen for 5 seconds.


When we took it out, the flower was hard and you could break it. After that, we held signs that meant “Heat and pressure = Temperature.”

If you feel nitrogen for less than a second,  you will be fine. Everybody put their finger in. Mr. Terry put his finger in for a little longer. It hurt more.

After that, we put a balloon in nitrogen. It turned flat and hard, but then it reinflated.


Next, we put a balloon on a bottle of nitrogen. It got super big and popped.

Then, we made a cloud! It was giant and fun to play in!

After that, we ate our ice cream. I chose cotton candy flavor with gummy bears.

Finally, we played tag. The SubZero ice cream field trip was super fun!!

Knotts Berry Farm Field Trip

Knotts Berry Farm is very fun! We went there with our field trip group. A tour guide took us in and gave us a tour of the park. The first thing we did was learn to make Christmas candles.

Ours were colored green and red. After the candles, we went to the train. It was first operated in 1952 and everything is original. Compared to Disneyland, the lines at Knotts Berry Farm are very short.

Next, we learned about toys in the 1800’s. There were lots of different toys. They were also special because they were sewn by someone with love for you. Also, it took very long to sew them.

After that, we saw “Merry Christmas Snoopy” which is an ice show. Knotts Berry Farm was very fun!!

The Reptile Museum

For one of our field trips, we went to the Ecovivariun Reptile Museum.


They had lizards, snakes, and a turtle. My favorite creature was an amethyst python. The snake was huge!!!

There was a lizard who was in a house while it was on fire. It survived, but its front toes were burned and its nails won’t grow back again. 😦


They had a little lizard named Sugar which stood on all of our heads.

ecov-sarah-sugar2 The amethyst python is so strong that it can stand up. Also, there was a big lizard that was so sad we left him he wouldn’t come out until Griffin went back. I call him “The Flying Lizard” because his leash had bat wings on it.

The reptile museum was very fun.

The Museum of Music Making

We went to The Museum of Making Music in San Diego for one of our field trips.


My sis Sarah!!


First, we learned how the electric guitar worked and played. One of the pieces inside gets copper wire wrapped around it 5,000 times.





Next, we learned about African drums. To make better sounds, the whole at the bottom has to be uncovered. I got to conduct one of the rounds.


Next, we learned about bands from the early 1900’s. Most bands had woodwind and brass. Also, there was a self-playing piano. It read dots on a paper to play. Additionally, there was a room where we could play lots of different instruments.

We watched videos of bands play and learned about jazz. After that, we went into the shop to look at instruments and toys. The museum was very fun and, I want to go there again!