Leopard Geckos as Pets

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In this post, I am going to tell you what you need to get your leopard gecko and how to take care of it. They are great pets for beginners.

  • Taming

It’s pretty simple on how to tame your gecko. For the first couple days, show it your hand. After that, start picking it up. If it squirms, do the hand things for a couple more days.

  • Shopping
  1. A cage
  2. Food: mealworms, crickets, butter worms, etc.
  3. Heat lamp or heat mat
  4. Calcium powder and powder dish
  5. Water dish
  6. Food dish
  7. Hideout (It’s better to get 2. One where the heat is and one where there’s no heat.)
  8. Plant (Optional)
  9. Thermometer
  10. Reptile carpet, sand, woodchips, etc.
  • Handling

These geckos are delicate little creatures. You have to be very careful with them. To pick them up, slide your hand under their belly. Let it examine you and crawl around. Don’t take it out to long. Ten to fifteen minutes is the most you should take it out per day.  Always be careful of the tail because it stores all their fat and nutrition. Also, try not to scare, or it will drop its tail which is not good.


  • Vacation

What do you do with your leopard gecko if you’re on vacation? If you are gone for one to four days, feed it before you leave, and fill up its bowl of water. For five days and more, you need someone to take care of it. To be courteous, clean its cage beforehand. Give them the food, and make a checklist on what they need to do.

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  • Fun facts about leopard geckos
  1. They are nocturnal (They sleep in the day and wake up at night.)
  2. Unlike most lizards, they have personalities.
  3. Their fat tails store their nutrition and fat.
  4. After juvenile geckos shed, their pattern is always a little different.
  5. Leopard geckos can get up to ten inches.

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As you can see, leopard geckos are great pets.

Helpful supplies:

Leopard Gecko Guide


Calcium Powder



How Did the Great Depression Start?


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Men waiting in line to get free food for their families.


The Great Depression lasted over ten years devastating the world! The stock market crash, also known as “Black Tuesday”,  made people scared. A couple days later, the economy crashed, too. Everybody rushed to the bank to get their money out, but the bank didn’t have enough cash. Just like everybody, the banks had invested a lot of its money in stocks. Many of banks closed. In the USA, 25% of the population lost their jobs.


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A man selling apples for a living.


Now let’s get to the real question. How did The Great Depression start?

After World War I, the economy was booming! People took loans that they couldn’t pay back. No one cared. It was “The Roarin’ Twenties!” People bought new gadgets like washing machines and radios. They also bought stocks in companies. The prices got higher and higher as they were sold from man to man. People couldn’t pay back their loans, so the economy and the stock market crashed.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Interview with Sarah’s stuffies, Giraffe and Trotsky

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Interview with Giraffe

Kate: What is your career?

Giraffe: I am retired.

Kate: How old are you?

Giraffe: 90

Kate: What do you like to do?

Giraffe: Play with kids and give them presents.

Kate: Do you dance?

Giraffe: NO WAY!!!!

Kate: Who are your kids?

Giraffe: Queen Gogo and Minnie.

Kate: Who is your favorite singer out of Trotsky, Sparkles, and Uni?

Giraffe: Sparkles.


telescope and vidhu tucker 008

Interview with Trotsky

Kate: What is your career?

Trotsky: Singer

Kate: How old are you?

Trotsky: 29

Kate: What do you like to do?

Trotsky: Sing and play with my kids.

Kate: Do you dance?

Trotsky: Sometimes.

Kate: Who are your kids?

Trotsky: Uni, Blackberry, and Lamby.

Kate: Who is your favorite out of the royals? King Foxie, Queen Gogo, Princess Channel, or Prince Foxie, Jr.

Trotsky: Prince Foxie, Jr.


Well, that wraps it up, folks. Say good-bye to them.




World War ll Veteran Chet Elliot

Mr. Chet Elliot, a 93- year old WWll veteran, visited our homeschool co-op to talk about his experiences.

World War ll started in Poland in September of 1939. Half of the armies fought for power and the other fought for freedom.


When he was 19, he decided to join the army. He worked on half tracks. Mr. Elliot went to Germany, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland. He arrived in Europe one week after the D-day invasions.


michael with chet and daughter
The interview


Some very sad things happened, though. Three of his friends were killed right in front of him in the war. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and his face blew up!! It took three years of surgery to get it back to normal. The Battle of the Bulge was the last major German offensive.  Mr. Elliot has been married for 70 years and was born in Ohio.

Pledge led by Chet

He carried an M-1 Rifle and a tiny bomb. Mr. Elliot also carried around a little pack of food, that had dark, dark chocolate at the top, and something like popcorn at the bottom. His favorite job was driving a truck and was in the 6th armor division.

It was very interesting. Thank you, Mr. Chet Elliot.

group shot chet elliot

Interview: My brother, John

My brother, John, is awesome! So, I have decided to interview him.

(me) What is your favorite color?

(John) Blue


(me) What is your favorite game – video game?

(John)  My  favorite board game is Risk, and my favorite video game is Minecraft.



(me) What is your first memory?

(John) The first and biggest hill on Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland.


(me) What do you want for Christmas most?

(John) 2010 Hogwarts from Harry Potter


(me) What is your favorite movie?

(John) Harry Potter


(me) What is one of your hobbies?

(John) Reading, Nerf wars

So, that is my brother,  John. His blog is JotsbyJohn.




Interview: My Sister Sarah

Her name is:



My sister at Disneyland


Her favorite color:

Pink and black.


What does she describe herself like:

Energetic, cheerful, loves animals and fun to play with.


What is here favorite toy(s)?

Stuffies, robot dog and computer.


What is her favorite game – video game?

Video games          Board games     Outside games

Hay Day                   Suprise Slides     Freeze Tag

Minecraft                 Candy Land         Hide-and-Go-Seek


What is her favorite music?

Kidz Bop


What is her favorite movie?

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Zootopia, and The Lego Movie.

How old is she?

6 1/2 years old.


My sister is awesome and so fun to play with. I hope you enjoyed my post.



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