The Ecology Center

We arrived at the Ecology Center with our homeschool group. Ecologists are interested in helping our earth. First, we  learned about the history of the house and asked questions. The house belonged to a Pony Express rider. After that, we learned how to use a compass. Splitting into groups, each group found which direction was north.


Finding the direction north


Next, we learned which would a better everyday choice to save water. Here is an example: A cup of water = 8 oz. of water. A can of soda = 33 gallons of water. We were surprised to learn that many things take more water than we thought.

After we learned about saving water, we went on a hike through the garden. There were many vegetables and flowers. We watered our favorite plants. I watered some tiny purple flowers and and a cactus plant.

Watering the plants.

My partner was my friend, Hannah, the whole time.

Next, we learned about compost.     According to “A mixture of decayed or decaying organic matter used to fertilize soil. Compost is usually made by gathering plant material, such as leaves, grass clippings, and vegetable peels, into a pile or bin and letting it decompose as a result of the action of aerobic bacteria, fungi, and other organisms.”

In the green house.

After we had gone through compost, we picked lemons from the lemon tree and ate them. They were very sour and smelled super sweet.

We had such a fun time!!!

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Lightning hitting the earth

We had a rare lightning storm by our house in Southern California this morning. Lightning is basically an electric  storm. There is a difference between lightning and thunder.

Lightning is the great electric flash that goes through the sky. Thunder is the rumble that you hear after lightning. Since light travels faster than sound, you hear thunder after the lightning strikes the earth.

If you want to know how many miles away thunder is, count the seconds of thunder and then divide it by 5. That is how many miles away thunder is. (Example: 9 seconds of thunder = thunder is 1.8 miles away.) In every lightning flash, there are 100 bolts. Eighty million car batteries equal 1 lightning bolt.

Image result for public domain images lightning
Huge lightning bolt.

 Click here for a rare lightning storm at my house.

Lightning strikes the U.S.A about 25 million times a year. Lightning is hotter than the sun. (Click here to see what Google has to say about it.) A lightning bolt is about 53,540 degrees Fahrenheit or 30,000 kelvins. The sun is about 10,340 degrees Fahrenheit or 6,000 kelvins.

Click here for some more information from National Geographic Kids about lightning.

We were excited to wake up this morning and go outside to see the lightning storm!

Lightning is very awesome.

Field Trip to Riley’s Apple Farm

At Riley’s Apple Farm, you can learn about life in the late 1800’s, pick apples and make cider .




We woke very early to get to Riley’s Apple Farm. It was about a 95 minute drive into the mountains. After we parked and found our homeschool group, we started off in the gift shop. There were lot of toys and games. After that, we went to the theater and listened to a banjo player. Some kids were selected to go up including me. We used some jugs , wash bins and triangles to play music.


Next, we went to place where we did many homesteading activities. Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. I did the laundry first. You pick a piece of laundry, scrub it on the wash board, then hang it up to dry. After that, we peeled and cut the apples to make apple preserves.  We also got to eat the dried-cut apples. The dried apples were so fluffy, chewy and would melt in your mouth. Coming fresh from the tree, the cut apples were juicy, warm and sweet. Super tasty apples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also got to build a log house. I had two turns with my friend Hannah. After we played, we snapped a pic in the  pumpkin patch and ate our lunches.

Next, we made rope. To get off all the sprigs you burn them.

From there, we started to pick out apples for the cider. After we got all the apples,  we squashed them into cider. We received  a gallon of cider and split in between the group. After we had drank our fill of the tasty apple cider, all of us went on a nature walk.

We walked through the apples trees, which were lined up in order.

For the last part of the tour, we did archery. If you were seven and under, you can make a kazoo instead. I was  in the archery so I can tell you about that. First, everyone got instructions. We slipped the clip onto the string and pulled back. BAM! I let the arrow go, and it hit the hay! We love the shooting. And that is the end of the tour, but not our day.

My brother and I piled into our friend’s car and drove to  Law’s Oak Glen Coffee Shop. We got the best apple pie and vanilla ice cream I had ever tasted. Those two desserts were great together. I wanted more, but apparently I didn’t get more. After we had our wonderful pie, we headed home.


Eating our apple pie and ice cream

Sailing for School!!!!!!!!



Each week, we sail with our homeschool group. In the sailboats we use, there are 2 to 3 kids. Each kid has a job on the sailboat. If there are  3 kids, then the child in the back will steer the boat. One of the kids in the front will pull the lines for the mainsail. The other child in the front will pull the lines for the jib. The jib is a small sail in the front.

The little girl in the front, my sister, is switching the jib.

It is most important for the skipper, which is the name for driver, to stay focused at all times. The crew is the name for the kids that are not steering the boat.  They will take care of the sails and watch for boats coming their way. When the winds are not right to sail, we take kayaks to the beach.

With my friends and the kayaks.

We swim and play at the beach.

Before we go sailing, we set up our boats. The first piece you put on is the jib. After that, you put in the rudder which is attached to the tiller. The tiller is what you use to drive the boat.  After you have put on the jib and rudder, you haul on the mainsail.  Once the mainsail is up and connected, you push your boat into the water, stick the dagger board in the hole, have your crew jump in and sail off. I drive the boat almost always. Sailing is very fun and a good skill.


Inside the boat sailing!!!!!!



We love to sail!!!!!



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What are foxes? They are a small-medium dog that is an omnivore. An omnivore is an animal that eats meat and plants. They have amazing hearing and can hear a ticking watch 4 yards (12 feet) away. Most of the food is put away for the kits or for the winter. Also, foxes are the smallest member of the Canidae family.

Related image

Running up to 30 miles per hour,  they are super quiet. A female fox is called a vixen. A male is a dog. Also, a baby is a kit or a cub. They can live up to 14 years and are able to live anywhere except Antarctica. The Latin name for fox is “Vulpes Vulpes”. They also have 28 different calls to communicate. The bigger type of foxes are a little bigger than an average house cat. Just like raccoons, foxes will eat almost anything. Their home is called a den or an earth.  As you can see,  foxes are very interesting.

Image result for free fox images


Halloween Costume

Boo! Halloween is coming, and you are probably searching for a costume. I know a costume that may work. The sizes are 4-10 or (4-6 and 8-10.) It will cost between $30 to $40. You can also get it at Walmart for $27.55. It is a cute pirate costume!!


And for the pros and cons:


  • Fits great!
  • It comes with everything it says it comes with.
  • Has Amazon Prime so you can get free shipping.


  • It can get a little itchy.
  • You have to tie the bandana.

On Amazon, it is rated four and a half (4 1/2) stars. Overall, this would be a great costume.

Okay mates, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!



Halloween at Disneyland With Our Friends!!!!

A couple days ago, we enjoyed  Disneyland with our friends for the Halloween celebration.

We received Fastpasses to Ghost Galaxy and rode the Haunted Mansion Holiday. It was one of my friend’s first times, but she liked it. Even though there  was a fifty minute wait, it was worth it. First, we ventured into the Stretchy Room. It is an elevator that leads underground. On the ride, we saw dancing ghosts wearing Christmas hats. Additionally, we saw some singing flowers.

After that, we headed over to Small World. Our friends came out to meet us.

While they were talking, we skipped over to the to Clarabelle’s hand-scooped ice cream shop in California Adventure. You can get one big scoop for $4.99. Also you can get two big scoops for $5.49. It comes with a waffle cone or cup for no charge.  As we were eating our ice cream, we met our friends.

Ice Cream at Disneyland

After that, we rode California Screamin’. To our surprise, we got to ride it two times because the line was short.

Next, we rode Toy Story Mania. It feels like you are in a 3-d video game arcade. I earned a bird. It is the 3rd level.

Next, we rode the Golden Zephyr. I took a video, but it didn’t turn out good because it was dark.

On Golden Zephyr

After that, we rode Jumping Jellyfish where you go up and down like Tower of Terror. It is slower and smaller, though. Last of all, we rode Ghost Galaxy and walked to the car. What is Ghost Galaxy? Click this link to read my previous post about it.

We had such a great day!!!!!!!!

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